Table of Health

What is health?  Some would say it is the general condition of the body.  Another defines health as the condition of being sound in body, mind, and spirit.  Ah, that sounds better.  I think most people think of health as just a physical condition of the body.  But I believe it goes much deeper than that.  If you want true optimal health, it encompasses what I would call the table of health.

To be stable, a table is usually built with four legs.  In health, these would be:  spiritual, physical, mental, and financial.  I believe if one of these areas is weak, then it weakens the whole body.  For example, you can eat the most nutritious foods on the planet, and your finances be a wreck, then it will take a toll on your health.

If you want true optimal health, it will be a work-in-progress of improving physical, spiritual, mental, and financial.  I say “work-in-progress” for a reason.  Each of the four legs of health takes a press each day.  You can’t keep your spirit healthy without daily prayer, can you?  The same goes for the others.  If you think, “I’ll be glad when I’m healthy, then things will be easy.”  “If i can just lose these extra 20 pounds…”  “When I get debt-free, my problems will be over.”  You get what I’m saying?  That’s like saying, “When I catch up on my laundry, I’ll never have to do it anymore!” Ha!  We know how that works!

This is not meant to be discouraging.  The opposite.  I think a lot of people work hard at one area of their life, then are disappointed when that doesn’t really give them the peace they were seeking.  Actually, you will gain peace as soon as you are on the road to optimal health.  Don’t think you have to reach a certain status before attaining happiness or peace.  When we are living the way God intended, financially within our means, meditating consistently, eating wholesome foods, getting exercise, having a giving spirit….this WILL bring peace, even if you haven’t lost all the weight you want yet, or even if you are still under a mound of debt.

In Luke 10:27 Jesus says,

“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.”

Is this how we live daily?  God knows we will fail.  But He is a merciful God who knows our trials.  Our efforts will not go unnoticed.  What do you think would happen if we really lived like this?

You might say that it’s just too much to handle all at once.  You might think you must focus on one area, then move on to another area.  But please let me tell you from experience, your recovery will only be longer and harder.  This will work so much better if you think of your whole body, mind and spirit.  Allow one good thing to motivate another and another, etc.  This is not to say you must overnight start meditating daily, be on a strict budget, and eat nothing but righteous whole foods!  You want a nervous breakdown? Pump the brakes, people!  That’s certain failure right there.

I’m talking baby steps.  Babies move, rollover, crawl, step, fall, steps, walk…. You didn’t get where you are overnight.  Be patient and take baby steps to move toward the life you want.  Picture yourself where you want to be a year from now, 5 years from now, 10 years from now.  Is your current lifestyle gonna get you there?  If not, think of areas that need changing and just start, my friend!  You won’t make it if you don’t start!  I hope this inspires you as it has me.  Check back in with me as I write different articles in each of these areas of life.  I hope we can be arm-in-arm in this race and strengthen each other as we go.  Wishing you peace!

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